Men! Have You Ready For AW13? – Bikers


Couple days ago starting from your foot is what I have chosen the go through in this AW13. So have you made up your mind in your shoe cabinet? remember to have a fast check before shopping!

And now I’m going to bring some ideas to this transitional season’s silhouette of choice – the biker jacket.

Biker jackets rose to prominence as a symbol of rebellious subculture since 40-50’s, they have remained embedded in modern fashion culture as a staple piece that continuously makes its mark, season after season.

Brands explored modern twists on the biker jacket trend in different ways; directional detailing utilized cut-out detailing… lots and lots of thoughts adding alongside the traditional biker stream. And not so surprised that different designers try to explode their talent out from the crowd from 3 major parts: color, material and details.


Focusing on colors, no matter from white to black, shinny to dim, picking your own color is always depends on your own mood and favor, and I do not think colors of bikers limited by seasons, I wear soft grey in this SS13 and going to put on the fluorescent yellow one in the coming autumn!  Just fit them on while you are making your decision, and believe me, do not limit your thoughts by the traditional seasonal color trends!


Focusing on texture, knitted, woolen and leather are what the common trends we always found. Among them, I was totally in love with leather, a black leather piece is what I must have in my wardrobe all the time. Yes! Among whole year for all seasons! There are still various choices on fabrics for you, bikers in denim or velvet is what I’m working on this year! They are just getting more popular in Asia fashion trends with their compatibility and friendly for mix and match! Sharing below my SEWINT AW13 denim biker pieces:

leefsleatherbiker ottodenimbiker02ottodenimbiker1

Focusing on detailing, external detailing was applied to the shoulders and sleeves; emphasized shoulders and sleeves with ribbed stitching,  applied fish scale clipping to the sleeves and embroidered leather pieces on the sleeves.


The biker jacket is such a classic and versatile style that it will always remain a constant within the industry. I do recommend you to whole one piece for yourself! And for those with tighter budget constraints, several high street brands are offering cost-effective pieces. Remember,your biker is not just for this AW!


Men! Have You Ready For AW13? – Boots


Working on fashion and clothing, a designer is always aware of the changing of seasons; or say, we sense the time to change or create something new as the time naturally comes.

Objectively for a shopaholic or fashion lover, the transitional periods are shown by a lot of conflicting ideas, exacerbated by retailers’ insistence on switching from spring/summer collections to autumn/winter collections.

Yes, and now it is happening! Time to check your wardrobe,,check along with detailing the key pieces you should have for the coming AW. As least, remind yourself what is needed in your shopping mind!

In the coming days, IMPRESS will concrete some ideas for boosting your image in this AW considering trends or season heat items. Not providing a fixed standard of items you must own(and you know this is what I never suggest), but encouraging you to discover more! And yes, lets go on footwear tonight.. and one of the items I personally beloved – Boots!


Strap On Your Boots

Not all boots are born the same. For a few years now, brands and designers at every price point have been creating stylish winter boots in a more sleek and simplified silhouette. So pick up the pairs that suit your own style.

If you enjoy wearing tailored pieces, get a boot that will reflect that and can be worn with your suits. If you tend to lean more towards the casual end of the spectrum, pick up a rough and ready version.

Either way, wear the hell out them and watch them become your go-to shoe throughout the colder months of the year.

Boots are surely a ideal item in the coming season, not matter designs in Oxford, brogue or Derby; colors in black, brown or shinny!


Not Too Boring On Denim

A Different Denim

I’m presuming that all of you own at least two pairs of denim jeans; one in a classic indigo colour and another in a lighter blue for the more relaxed days in your schedule. You have two pairs of jeans that are classic and will serve you well for nearly all occasions. So how can we start expanding your options in the denim department? Allow me to bring you some ideas on 2 basic colours of jeans – white & grey, which is more common tone.

White Denim

White jeans? How about in winter? To which I reply, yes!  Due to their neutral hue they are easy to match with pretty much every colour under the sun. They also manage to be both dressy and rugged at the same time, meaning they are the perfect item to add to your wardrobe regardless of the season.

They look great when paired casually with a simple dark striped t-shirt and a pair of loafer, or smartened up with a causal shirt and navy blazer. Even feel free to break out those navy suede bucks or olive green brogues. To keep the crispness of the jeans avoid wearing a belt with them and if you’re ever in doubt about what to pair with white denim, reach for black!


Grey Denim

With winter now well and truly upon us, grey jeans would be the ideal purchase for something outside of blue but still practical for the colder weather. It is not a bad option if you are only interested in a pair of black jeans before.

By wearing black jeans you eliminate the use of colours up top that are similar in tone – such as navy or purple – because they cause a black hole effect, and also leave yourself unable to wear any of your brown shoes without it looking garish. Under the right light and paired with the right pieces, a pair of indigo jeans can appear as black but infinitely richer than its actual counterpart.

Grey jeans on the other hand are the perfect piece for filling in that area between your new winter jacket – be it denim, leather or cotton – and a pair of winter boots. They work just as well when spring comes along, looking great when paired with rich greens and blues.


So why not just add some colour into your rotation? If you were all over the coloured chinos in summer, why not move this look into winter as well? Think more, try more and you will always find some new styles or colours to be your new love!

Fashion never borders!

For The One Look Men

“Fashion never stays still!”

 You can be assured that each and every season a new colour, item or look will be pushed on the runway and become a trend.

The world of fashion and style is about much more than just the little niche we carve out for ourselves. As well dressed men, we have our own idea or belief what we like and what we wear. But in a world that offers so much more, at the same time, requires more, being a one look man is not enough!

The good thing of one look is a guaranteed consistency, everything in your wardrobe works with everything else and it is all geared towards one purpose: making you look good. You will always be comfortable and confident – the reason you’ve constructed your look is because you get used to it at once, and sometimes it is a habit or believe.


No situation will ever be the same as the last. Every social event has different parameters and asks different things of the participants. You won’t really wear a formal suit to a family picnic on weekends, on the other hand, smart casual to clubbing every night, right?

Being able to modify your style, making it more formal or more casual at the flick of a switch, gives you that edge that most others lack. You are adaptable and versatile and able to react to any situation on everyday or night. And the fact is, it is not that difficult, and all is about to make up your mind!



Think Outside Your Box

As being a designer based in Asia, i could tell the world of clothing and everything associated with it is ever bigger than one can imagine. Trends are changing, everything are moving on day by day. The important thing is to develop your interest to different things including what you have reached but rejected in the previous or each individual particles new to you!

Always keep in mind to expand your horizons and discover something totally new. You never know what might jump out at you.

Practically, I’m not saying that simply focus on 1 or 2 particular styles on different brands. For my own, paying attention on patterns, colors, fabrics or other minor details could help bring new ideas to my mind for inspiration on design. Just similar for all well dressed men, do not border yourself’s interest on just lonely items. Up from a fur jacket to a handmade bracelet, could give you surprise for a new look!


Pushing yourself to try new things will take your wardrobe to a whole new level, it will make it more exciting and more varied, it will throw up new possibilities and give you the freedom to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, without being restricted by your style.

“In fashion world, always keep an open mind; appreciate to new invention!” 

(photos from web)

After 5″3. It’s Time For Talls


When it comes to dressing your body shape, you must firstly recognize that it is a concept completely individual to you. Although we may all share similar attributes, such as the odd beer belly or pesky love handle, our bodies vary enormously – so comparing yours to somebody else’s really is rather pointless. Time is much better spent looking at how you can make the best of what you have, and how to display that with confidence and in a style that feels comfortable to you.

I will focus specifically on dressing the taller man, identifying the problems they face, possible ways to combat them and provide tips as to how best balance a tall silhouette – ultimately aiming to detail the ideal fits, styles and trends that will work best on this particular body type.

Before we start: based on personal experience as a stylist, the most common concern tall men have is probably appearing ‘lanky’ or feeling their limbs look out of proportion. With that in mind, the advice provided within this guide will focus on how to balance a taller frame. Nowadays, more tall men do not view their height as a negative and may actually want to emphasize their long legs or arms.

Remember there is no one set of guidelines for every single individuals, so it is up to you to apply it to specific areas of your body depending on the result you want to achieve.

The main aim when dressing this particular shape is to break up the long, ‘linear’ structure that is naturally created by your body – not looking too skinny!

A long neck and torso, along with long limbs, together form vertical lines that are visually more prominent than with other body shapes. It’s these lines, along with the overall silhouette, which needs deconstructing.


Colour-blocking is a tall man’s best friend. By wearing contrasting colours on your top and bottom half you can instantly cut your silhouette in two, creating a break in the vertical line. Of course, you still need to bear in mind your colour wheel, but it is a quick and easy technique that you can apply every time you get dressed.

The majority of men will stick within a palette of timeless neutrals such as black, navy, grey and brown. These hues will always form the foundation of any successful capsule wardrobe, providing infinite versatility, but you should be aware that wearing one colour head-to-toe will only draw the eye line down and make you appear even taller.

Of course, in a working environment there is no getting away from the fact that you will probably need to wear a suit, but for other occasions, try to utilise separates! Not only are separates stylish and reminiscent of that desirable Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic, the combination of grey trousers with a navy blazer, for example, will again help to break up your silhouette in a refined, modern way. Even subtle tonal pairings, such as charcoal trousers with a black blazer will help.


Colour & Fabric Block Detailing

With the concept of colour- and fabric-blocking remaining a strong form of detailing within the industry this season, it is possible to find pieces that make breaking up your vertical structure effortless.

Distinct colour sections, contrast sleeves and patches are some of the most popular techniques present on the market and these kind of pieces can be used to draw attention to specific parts of the body; adding width where required or shifting focus.

For example, a contrast sleeve jumper with a bold coloured main body and muted sleeves would help draw attention to your torso rather than your arms, for those that feel their limbs appear out of proportion:


Bold Colours to Draw The Eyes

For those that are looking to make more of a statement, bold colours can help draw the eye away from specific areas of the body you don’t want to emphasise.

Again, if you have long, skinny legs then why not try a bold red statement blazer paired with navy chinos or pants? By surrounding the statement piece with neutrals, you are going to focus all the attention on your top half, meaning the length of your legs will become a mere afterthought.

vincent anonymous84front

Prints & Patterns

Lastly, I would always like to draw people’s attend to prints, patterns and logos; As they naturally, or functionally, creating points of focus and highlighting key areas.

With prints being the key trend within the industry currently – and their popularity showing no sign of wavering – why not look to incorporate a bold statement print such as camouflage, leopard or floral into your look this season?

_MG_7591 as Smart Object-1 yellownavyhorizontalstripeshorts

Floral printed shirt is something I beloved in my design for seasons. They just add sweet in leisure together brings elegance when printed in formal code. And at least, not feeling bored to the variegated florals. Horizontal and Breton stripes can be utilized several ways within an outfit. They can also help lengthen or widen, that makes one looks a bit bulky.


Lastly, just a little remind for layering. Layering is an art form that all style-conscious gents should master in order to create visually interesting outfits. However, layering can help bulk out a long, lean silhouette.

For example, a shirt, lightweight knit and blazer combination can add size to a long torso, whilst a simple t-shirt layered under a denim shirt will provide the same effect casually.

Much of the advice above works best when combined with layering. Multiple pieces can aid the breaking up of the vertical line whilst also keeping bold prints, statement colours and the like under control – think knitwear over printed shirts, jackets over bright tees and tucking in tops to display a statement belt!


Hopefully, the key techniques covered above could give a brief ideas for all you tall boys to dress in a more flattering way. I always hope the concept of dressing should start to appear a little simpler to every body shape!

The Dye’s Renovation?


Gotta share some thoughts after receiving bunches of dyeing shirts this morning!

Patterns and prints are big business in every season on individual brands, and the trend is not going to die down anytime soon.

lage and the like, but today I would like to suggest just one more to add your wardrobe. The 1960s throwback, beloved by hippies and peace lovers across the world: tie-dye.

We’re all familiar with tie-dye – I’m sure some of you owned a few pieces when you were young and I’ve no doubt that many of your parents pretty much lived in it. Despite the past memories of childhood fashion faux pas, tie-dye is definitely making a comeback within the industry.

Bold prints are one of the easiest ways to make your outfit stand out from the crowd – they show confidence and a fashion forward way of thinking. When you consider how easy it is to just pull on a printed tee and go, it really is a wonder why more people aren’t getting involved.

Tie-dye is a love or hate thing. As with anything in fashion, there is no point in shoehorning a piece into your wardrobe that clearly doesn’t suit your personal style, just because it’s the ‘next big thing’.

For those of you that feel a couple of tie-dye pieces would slot effortlessly into your look, take baby steps before a headlong plunge. Tie-dye is definitely a statement pattern and likely to raise some eyebrows – start small with a fairly neutral coloured tee and then build up the patterns and colours as you feel more confident.

Tie-dye is undoubtedly a passing trend. It is a flash mob fashion statement that will survive for no more than a couple of seasons, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy of your consideration!

It’s by no means for everyone. It will not suit the man more used to smarter dressing, nor will it suit men who are reserved with colour choices. It could well be the statement of the season.

The perfect combination of colour and pattern, wear your tie-dye all summer long – it has served its purpose and that’s all that matters. It’s cheap, easy and fun to do and its unpredictability is what makes it so individual. Hark back to the 1960s and embrace something other than the mods or rockabilly; just think of peace and love!